Cloud Solutions

Create together the perfect cloud solutions to accelerate digital transformation whenever and wherever you need it. Cloud-based services offer IT as a service over the Internet or a dedicated network, with on-demand delivery and usage-based billing. Top applications, development platforms, storage, servers, and virtual desktops are all examples of cloud-based services.

Who uses Cloud Solutions and why?

Cloud-based services are used by businesses and governments to meet a range of application performance requirements, including database, CRM, compute, and data storage.  

Contrary to a classic IT environment, where software and hardware are paid for upfront by departments and implemented over months, cloud-based services ensure IT solutions in minutes to hours and compliance costs to actual usage. 

As a result, businesses are more flexible and have better expense control. 

Similarly, cloud-based services are used by consumers to simplify application usage, share, store, and protect content, and grant access to any internet-connected device.

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Working Pattern of Cloud Based Services

Cloud services share several characteristics:

  • Virtualization: To quickly allocate and reallocate resources, cloud computing heavily relies on server and storage virtualization.

  • Multi-tenancy: It entails pooling and sharing resources among multiple users to achieve economies of scale.

  • On-demand: On-demand resources have been self-provisioned to a collection of pre-defined configurations available online.

  • Metering/chargeback: Tracking and billing of resource usage by service agreements.

  • Network-access: Resources are made available using a web browser or a thin client on a variety of devices connected (computer, tablet, and smartphone)

  • Elastic: Resources can be scaled up or down automatically.

The most popular cloud-based services, whether they are offered by internal departments or external service providers, are:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) - software that runs on computer systems owned and operated by the SaaS provider, rather than on user computers that are installed and managed. The software is accessed through the public Internet and is typically available on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) – The IaaS provider offers computing, networking, storage, and additional components (cloud security, tools) via the open Internet, a VPN, or a dedicated network connection. Users pay by the usage of the infrastructure and own and manage the operating systems, apps, and data that are running on it.

  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS): The PaaS provider makes available via the open Internet, a VPN, or a dedicated network all the software and hardware needed to create and run cloud-based applications.

    Our Approach

    We at Eminence Innovation provide Cloud Services that are developed by taking forward our customers' needs and delivering on the platforms that suit best as per their requirements. Eminence Innovation is an end-to-end services provider that can help you with fixing problems, formulating a strategy, utilizing or modernizing business solutions, and ensuring the security of your applications and infrastructure.

    90% of our recent clients gave our IT service provider company, Eminence Innovation, a far higher rating than our rivals for our abilities to team up to identify innovative approaches, deliver on our promises with tested and trustworthy services, and support the modernization of operations and processes.

    Eminence Innovation has made it possible for various businesses around the globe to design, develop, transform, and launch successful cloud-based applications. We deliver cloud solutions and services with a variety of functions, including DevOps, SaaS services, cloud migration, cloud application development, and more. We can create solutions that help businesses achieve their strategic goals thanks to our in-depth understanding of cloud technology and our consultative, people-first approach.

    Our Area of Expertise

    • Cloud & SaaS Operations: Centralized cloud operations management & monitoring, cloud security, governance & compliance, performance optimization, NoC services, and SLA management.

    • DevOps: CI/CD, Process automation, Continuous Testing, Continuous Monitoring, pipeline as code development, infrastructure as code development.

    • Cloud consulting service: It includes evaluation and recommendations, cloud applications, platform architecture, cloud audits, and reviews, and cost analysis and optimization.

    • Cloud Infrastructure: Security Management, Cloud Migration, Backup & Restore, and Cloud Infrastructure.

    • Cloud development: It encompasses solution design, software product development, application development, cloud integration, migration, and implementation, C2C connectors, data management, and analytics.

    Significant benefits of cloud-based services include the following:

    • Faster implementation and value realization

    • Application and content accessibility from anywhere 

    • Rapid scaling to handle the demand

    • Increased use of infrastructure investments

    • Lower cost for facilities, energy, and infrastructure

    • Optimized security and protection of data resources and greater productivity of IT staff across the organization

      Feature Points

      Backup and recovery from disaster
      Prepare a business continuity plan for your critical IT systems that involves cloud backup and disaster recovery.
      Committed Servers
      With Intel CPU power, you can personalize your dedicated EI Innovation Cloud server and launch it quickly.
      A chat-bot created for your company will help you provide better customer service.
      Hosting Solutions
      Reduce operational costs while deploying solutions more quickly and securely.
      Integration of SaaS
      Connect the most recent and useful SaaS applications to critical data streams quickly.
      The platform and tools for developing native mobile apps as well as robust mobile backbends.
      Private virtual servers
      Private virtual servers on the EI Cloud that are dedicated and single-tenant.
      Web pages and applications
      From static pages to multi-region web apps, we've got you covered.
      Rapid cloud servers
      Discover the ideal specialized or interactive private server for your workload.


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